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Students Lead Race for Carbon Reduction


Sir George Monoux College Students Secure Commitment from local council on ‘5% Carbon Reduction Challenge’.

Students from Sir George Monoux College have started a campaign calling for a 5% reduction in carbon footprint and are reaching out to other organisations in the borough of Waltham Forest to join their ‘5% Carbon Reduction Challenge’.

Environmental Leadership Program students, working in partnership with Citizens UK and Friends of the Earth, met with Councillor Clare Coghill (who is soon to become the Leader of the Council) to express their concern at the toxic air that is affecting society and is especially problematic for young children whose lungs are still developing.  

Councillor Clare Coghill agreed to support the students, by convening a round table meeting in the summer, to encourage local organisations to explore the 5% Carbon Reduction Challenge. The agreement was welcomed by the students who are part of Waltham Forest Citizens, an alliance of 9 local faith and education organisations representing over 10,000 people, working together for justice and the common good.

It's been brilliant working on this and learning how to create positive change. It's amazing to have Councillor Coghill on board and we are closer to achieving our carbon reduction. I have long term health problems which were caused by man-made air pollution and I don't want others to suffer like me.

Jiri Goldman, one of the students who hand delivered a letter to Councillor Clare Coghill

We're committed to reducing our carbon footprint and our students are immensely passionate about helping us achieve this. We are delighted that Councillor Coghill has agreed to work collaboratively with us and is supportive of our green initiatives.

David Vasse, Principal of Sir George Monoux College

For many of the students, this was their first time acting in public life and securing a commitment from the local council. We are building a local movement of schools, businesses and other civil society organisations to make a collective impact on the environment.

Daniel Mackintosh, Waltham Forest Organiser for Citizens UK

In May 2014, Sir George Monoux College, became the first sixth form college in the country to win an Ashden Award, the UK's leading green energy awards.

Students Lead Race for Carbon Reduction