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Monoux Christmas Carousel 2017


<p>Monoux  Christmas Carousel 2017</p>
<p>We have  had another wonderfully engaging Christmas Carousel this year. Our year one and  year two students worked hard since September and created very interesting and  skilful pieces from Drama, Dance and Music in Performing Arts. Students opened  the show with &quot;Rosas Danst Rosas&quot; which is a post-modern piece. They  also danced a challenging piece from Alvin Ailey's &quot;Revelations&quot; very  successfully. They performed a jazz dance piece which energised our audience  remarkably. <br />
  Year one  Drama students performed extracts from famous world play texts such as &quot;A  View From the Bridge&quot; by Arthur Miller, &quot;Scrape off the Black&quot;  by Tunde Ikoli and year two students performed a highly physical piece from  &quot;A Midsummer Night's Dream&quot; - The audience enjoyed them all very  much.<br />
  In  Music, a variety of ensembles and solos were performed and received positively  by the excited audience!  Songs such as  'Oh Holy Night' and 'I'll be home for Christmas' received a standing ovation,  drawing a close to a fantastic display of talent from the Creative students.<br />
  The  audience was very engaged throughout our Christmas Carousel show. We would like  to thank all our students, staff and parents for being there.</p>
<p>Baris,  Stevie and Louisa<br />
  Performing  Arts department</p>

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