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Alan Wells OBE

Welcome to our website. Our College is a place where everyone who studies with us feels safe and secure. A place where the facilities help all of our students get the very best education possible. A place where we expect the very best from our staff and our students; where aiming high is encouraged whether the aim is to go on to university or to join the world of work.

For many of our students further education at our College builds on a successful school career. For others, Sir George Monoux College offers a fresh start, a second chance, to succeed. I've a particular commitment to 'second chance' education because, after a pretty undistinguished school career, I obtained all of my qualifications through adult and further education.

As I've said already, I think we're a really good College. However, we don't just want to be really good; we want to be outstanding. Not just outstanding in East London but outstanding in the United Kingdom. We know it will take a great deal of effort from all of us - our staff and students and those of us on the Corporation - to become outstanding. But we believe that it's possible. It's aiming high.

I'm very proud to be the Chair of the Corporation of Governors of the College. It's a real privilege. I'm fortunate to work with a dedicated team of Governors, who give their time freely to help the College. The Corporation of Governors sets the strategic direction of the College and makes sure that we deliver what we promise. We work closely with our staff and particularly our Principal, David Vasse and his senior team, because how the College is led is crucial to how outstanding we can become. But we also want to make sure that everyone who works with us feels that their voice is heard and that they have opportunities to contribute ideas to improve what we do.

If you want to find out more about the College, you can contact our Principal or myself using the form below.

Alan Wells OBE
Chair of the Corporation
Sir George Monoux College

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Maurine Lewin

Maurine Lewin


If you have believe there is a significant deficiency in the college's safeguarding practice that is not being addressed by college management and putting students at risk of harm, you may contact the Safeguarding Governor, Maurine Lewin on m.lewin@sky.com. Please include your telephone number/preferred contact details in the email.