All about our Computer Science A Level Linear Yr 1 course:

A taste...

A-Level Computer Science will provide insight into, and experience of how computer science works. Key features include problem solving using computers, programming and algorithms, and mathematical skills used to express computational laws and processes including Boolean algebra/logic and comparison of the complexity of algorithms.

The details

Whilst learning and understanding the implementation of processes and algorithms, students will have the chance through the coursework component to develop a slimmed down programming project which is focused on coding, using suitable programming language and agile methods.

How is this course assessed?

This is a two-year programme consisting of two exam units (80%) and one coursework unit (20%).

Examining Body

What about careers?

Future careers include: computer science, software development, IT support, cyber security, web development, computer programming.

Which other courses does this combine well with?

This subjects A Level Sciences, (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) A Level Maths, A Level Economics.