All about our Enterprise Academy - Level 3 course:

A taste...

If you are passionate about starting and running your own business, you can make that start now. You will explore aspects of business and enterprise such as business planning and pitching, finance, leadership and teamwork and brand development. This will lead to you running your own business within the first year.

The details

Distinctive modules include: - Enterprise & Entrepreneurs - Launch and Run and Enterprise - Innovation and Enterprises

How is this course assessed?

This course will be assessed through a combination of internal and external assessments.

Examining Body


What about careers?

Students that successfully complete their programme of study could progress onto an Enterprise or Business related degree. From this course students progress into self-employment, apprenticeships or employment in areas of finance, administration and marketing.

Which other courses does this combine well with?

This is a full time course with the option for students to retake GCSE Maths or English if required.