All about our French AS course:

A taste...

By studying French, you will master the language and grasp an understanding of the French culture, literature, television programmes and the way of life in France.

The details

You will develop confident, effective communication skills in French and a goodunderstanding of French culture. It is especially appropriate if you have already got a GCSE or equivalent in French and want to develop your skills to a higher level. A Level French combines well with a wide variety of other A Level subjects. You will study the language in a broader context, looking at current social issues and using news media.

How is this course assessed?

A Level French is assessed through external exams and coursework.

Examining Body


What about careers?

French A Level is superb qualification to gain that will aid in all industries and subjects. An A Level in French lends towards careers. Doctors, psychologists and even therapists need language skills to communicate effectively with patients whether they work in the UK or overseas; businesses and finance sectors value language skills as it strengthens communications globally. Other career paths include; Politicians, Historians, Geographers & Travel agents.

Which other courses does this combine well with?

Combines well with; English Language, English Language & Literature, English Literature, Geography, Government & Politics, History, Journalism, Religious Studies, Sociology & Spanish.


Career Prospects