All about our Further Maths A-Level course:

A taste...

If you have a particular talent and enjoy mathematics then you should consider studying Further Mathematics. A-Level Further Maths is a separate A-Level that is taken in addition to Maths A-Level as a fourth A-Level.

The details

You will extend your knowledge and encounter new areas of mathematics such as mechanics, statistics and decision mathematics. The mathematics covered will be helpful not just to students intending to study Maths at degree level but to any potential physicists or engineers. Distinctive modules include: - Further pure - Mechanics - Statistics - Decision mathematics

How is this course assessed?

This course is exam based.

Examining Body


What about careers?

Students who want to study a degree in Mathematics, particularly at top Universities, should be doing Further Maths. You will also benefit from Further Maths if you are considering a degree in a mathematically related subject. Future career fields include: accountancy, business management, economics, engineering and academic research.

Which other courses does this combine well with?

Combines well with Business, Economics, Financial Studies, Further Maths, Law & Maths.


Career Prospects