All about our Geography A Level linear Yr1 course:

A taste...

Geography matters! If you are interested in how our world has been created by the forces of nature and the human hand then studying geography will give you the skills to understand and analyse the key processes at work.

The details

What are the real threats of climate change? How should aid be managed? What are the key issues relating to international migration? How are our coasts shaped and managed? These are just some of the highly topical issues you will explore in geography. It’s well known that studying geography leads to a wealth of further study and career opportunities. This two year course combines both human and physical geography.

How is this course assessed?

A Level Geography is assessed through a combination of external exams and coursework.

Examining Body


What about careers?

Geography graduates are highly employable since they have a wide range of knowledge, understanding and analytical skills that are vitally important to the modern workplace. They are particularly employable in fields including teaching, international relations, government, science and engineering.

Which other courses does this combine well with?

Geography combines well with courses from across our pathways, examples include: sociology, history, economics as well as maths and science-focused courses.


Career Prospects