All about our Politics A Level Linear Yr 1 course:

A taste...

Success in A Level Politics involves extensive reading and the writing of many essays. Higher grades require demonstration of analytical and evaluative qualities combined with depth and detail of knowledge.

The details

Politics naturally involves awareness and understanding of current affairs so successful students need to engage with these topics by watching the news, reading newspapers and generally engaging with political, social and (to some extent) economic change in the UK and the world today.

How is this course assessed?

Politics A Level is now a linear qualification. This means that the student will undertake three exams at the end of two years study on all of the material studied. There is an exam of 2.5 hours for each of the units; there is no coursework.

Examining Body


What about careers?

Politics is especially helpful in preparing students for careers in law, journalism, the civil service, teaching, management and business as it involves skills in organisation, evaluation, analysis, problem-solving and research.

Which other courses does this combine well with?

A Level Politics combines well with many other courses. History and sociology A Levels are particularly complementary.


Career Prospects