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Politics is primarily concerned with developing knowledge and understanding of domestic government and politics. In component 1 and 2 of your studies, there is clear focus on the reasons for and implications of power distribution amongst governmental institutions and other societal forces.

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A-Level Politics students are skilled in identifying, selecting, organising and deploying evidence. They are able to decode data from a range of political information in order to investigate, analyse, formulate and advocate detailed solutions to problems. Effective politics students consistently construct logical reasoned arguments and exercise nuanced critical judgement. An established departmental culture of in class discussion and debate helps to develop effective communication skills. Distinctive modules include: - UK Politics and Core Political Ideas - UK Government and Non-core Political Ideas - Comparative Politics USA

How is this course assessed?

Politics A Level is a linear qualification. This means that the student will undertake three exams at the end of two years study on all of the material studied.

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What about careers?

Politics is an academically rich subject matter providing a wealth of entry points for a range of University courses including: International relations, PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics), Economics, Public Administration, History and Sociology. Politics is especially helpful in preparing students for careers in law, journalism, the civil service, teaching, management and business as it involves skills in organisation, evaluation, analysis, problem-solving and research.

Which other courses does this combine well with?

A Level Politics combines well with other social sciences including History, Sociology, Psychology, Economics and Geography.


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