All about our Psychology A-Level course:

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Psychologists try to understand what motivates, challenges or modifies our behaviour and use this understanding to help us tackle personal and social problems. With this course, you will develop your analytical and organisational skills and learn about scientific research methods, including collecting and working with data.

The details

You will learn how to critically evaluate theories and explanations of behaviour. You will find yourself applying, without even realizing, much of what you learn in lessons to life outside of the classroom! Distinctive modules include: - Attachment, memory, psychopathology and social psychology - Biopsychology; approaches and methods - Issues and debates in psychology, Schizophrenia, relationships and addiction

How is this course assessed?

This course will be assessed through internal mock exams in the first year and external exams in the second year.

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What about careers?

You can progress onto University to study Psychology at degree level as well as subjects such as Law, Counselling, Social Care, Education, Advertising and Medical Sciences. This course leads to careers in Teaching, Social Work, Nursing, Counselling, Youth Work & Human Resources.

Which other courses does this combine well with?

A Level Psychology combines well with; Applied Science, Biology, Chemistry, Health and Social Care & Physics.

Career Prospects