All about our Applied Science Vocational 90 Credit Year 1 course:

A taste...

Are you interested in studying a science related course at university or do you wish to explore a practical career in the Science industry? Then Applied Science is the course for you! This course will equip you with the practical skills and the underpinning knowledge you require to further your career at an advanced level. You will cover the features of biology such as studying microorganisms and how they affect us and the environment.

The details

In chemistry you will learn about the dynamics of chemical substances and its applications in life. You will also be covering physics which will allow you to interpret and formulate the physical interactions between matter with application to biological and chemical systems. There are plenty of practical activities to boost your understanding of scientific techniques including formulation of your own hypothesis, measuring energy content in food and looking at a microorganism under a microscope.

How is this course assessed?

This course will be assessed through coursework, observation of practical activities, report writing and assignments.

What Enrichment activities support this course?

What about careers?

The Extended Diploma in Applied Science can lead to careers including: Biomedical Scientist, Biotechnologist, Chemical Engineer, Clinical Scientist, Dentist, Forensic Scientist and Research Scientist.

Which other courses does this combine well with?

This is a full time course and equivalent to three A Levels.


Career Prospects