How do I secure my place at Monoux?

The most important thing to do now is to submit an application form here and take part in an interview. If you did not take part in a face to face interview whilst the college was open, we will be sending you arrangements for a telephone interview in the Summer Term.

Completing the application and interview will place you at the front of the queue for enrolment and will mean that you are more likely to get a place on your chosen course before it becomes full.

We will also be sending out a request for information during the Summer Term - completing this will make your enrolment experience quicker.

How will Monoux decide if I meet the entry requirements?

By now, your school will have sent you a message about how you will be awarded your GCSE grades this year.

Monoux will use the GCSE grades you will be awarded to make decisions on whether you meet the entry requirements for your preferred course. Current entry requirements are listed in the Monoux Prospectus, which you can download here. These are currently accurate, but can occasionally be subject to minor changes prior to enrolment.

Some young people may disagree with the GCSE grades they have received and will make the decision to either appeal or sit GCSE exams in the Autumn term. If you decide to pursue either of these two options, and the grades you have been awarded would mean that you could not pursue your chosen course, we may ask you to complete additional tests at enrolment. Any pre-enrolment work you have completed (covered in question 3 below) may also count towards this assessment.

We are flexible and see every young person as an individual. Therefore, if you have unique circumstances that you think we should be aware of please make sure you talk to us about these during your interview, by emailing or by talking to us at enrolment.

How can I get advice about what courses to study?

If you have applied, but not yet had an interview, we will be scheduling an appointment with you to speak to one of our friendly members of staff about your career ambition, interests, and the courses we offer.

Our Prospectus contains more detailed information about the courses we offer, and this page on our website contains some materials you could use to help decide.

If you have already had an interview, but would like further advice, please email with your query and a relevant staff member will respond.

How can I secure a place on the Gifted and Talented Academy?

The Gifted and Talented Academy here will still run next academic year. If you have already had a conditional offer to join the Gifted and Talented Academy, this is still the case. Future decisions for new applicants regarding entry into the academy will be based on the GCSE grades you have been awarded and participation in our Summer Term learning activities. A number of places will be held back and awarded to students who display outstanding work ethic in the first six weeks of term.

What will happen about my references?

We require references from your school before making a decision whether we can offer you a place. However, due to schools being closed, some schools may not be able to submit references before enrolment. If this is the case for you, we will let you know and request that you submit a copy of your most recent school report. We also expect students to let us know during the application and interview process if there would be something on your reference that we deem would require further exploration before a decision is made to offer a place (for example, poor attendance, punctuality or a fixed term exclusion).