Monoux App Notice

Last Updated March 2023

The Monoux Sixth Form College app is for current students and staff to allow users to view important up-to-date information about the College, such as timetables and reward points.

Data collected:

The following details are collected and processed by the Monoux Sixth Form College app:

  • Email address
  • User IDs
  • QR codes/barcodes to login to the app
  • Other contact details
  • In-app messaging/user device IDs (required to send messages)
  • Crash logs
  • Diagnostics details
  • Other app performance data
  • App interactions/analytics
  • Photos (used locally for Student Profile pictures)

Third party services used:

  • Firebase - Sending messages as push notifications for iOS and Android versions of the Monoux Sixth Form College app.  Also tracks app crashes and performance data.
  • Google - Integration with Google Analytics through Google API Services. Records interactions in the app, to inform future app improvements and upgrades. Serves and shares the app to users on Google Play.
  • Apple - Send push notifications. Serves and shares the app to users on the App Store.