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Legal & Finance Open Day

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Saturday 14th November 2020 (10am-12pm)

Our Legal & Finance Pathway Open Day is for students interested in pursuing careers in the financial sector. Subjects include Economics, Maths, Law and Financial Studies.

Creative Open Day

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Saturday 28th November 2020 (10am-12pm)

Our Creative Pathway Open Day is for students who are keen to develop their creative skills. Subjects include Art & Design, Media, Performing Arts and Design, Engineer Construct.

Digital Open Day

Saturday 12th December 2021 (10am-12pm)

For students interested in developing the skills to work within the world of digital and information technology, our Digital Open Day is a great chance to find out more about courses such as Computing.

Society & Culture Open Day

Saturday 16th January 2021 (10am-12pm)

Our Society & Culture Open Day is the perfect opportunity to find out more about humanities based subjects such as; English Language, French, Politics and Religious Studies.

Advice Evening

Tuesday 9th February 2021 (4pm - 7pm)

Our Advice Evenings are a great chance to get all your course related questions answered, from entry requirements to course combinations.


Open Evening

Tuesday 23rd March 2021 (4pm - 7pm)

Another chance to pop into the college to ask your course related questions, have a tour of the college and take part in interactive activities across all of our pathways. From 4pm - 7pm, our Open Evening is a great evening for course information and general enquiries.