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Enrolment 2019: Frequently Asked Questions


Enrolment FAQ’s


Q. Can I still apply?

A. Yes – you can make an application online and come to enrol from the 22nd August.

When you come to the college please ensure you bring with you the following items:

·         A reference from your last school/college or most recent report including behaviour and attendance.

·         All qualifications you have already obtained (including any GCSE, BTEC courses you may have already completed (or UK NARIC translations for overseas students – visit

·         A copy of your passport and any Home Office  papers/visas you currently hold.

·         £20.00 NON-REFUNDABLE reprographics fee.

·         Portfolio of work (Media or Arts applicants ONLY)


Q. What if I didn’t get my predicted grades, can I still enrol?

A. The minimum requirement to study on a BTEC Level 2 course is three G.C.S.E.s at grades 3-9 (A*-D) including G.C.S.E. English or Mathematics at grade 3 or higher). If you have these as a minimum still attend enrolment and speak to a member of staff about what other options are available to you.


Q. What is the £20 reprographics fee for?

A. The £20.00 goes towards the cost of your college ID card, use of the college Wi-Fi network, and printer/photocopier credits.


Q. I’m 19, can I still apply to your college?

A..  We are a sixth form college, catering for students who are aged 16-18 years old at the start of the relevant academic year. Students that are 19 should visit or for course information. 


Q. Can I retake all my GCSE’s or just Maths & English?

A. We offer G.C.S.E. English and Mathematics as part of a wider study package (i.e. along a BTEC Level 2 or 3 course). We do not offer any other subjects in GCSE.


Q. Can I re-take my A Levels?

A. At Monoux we do not offer repeats/restarts of A Level courses.  If you were to apply to the college we would be able to consider you for a BTEC Level 3 programme or a completely different set of A Level subjects to those you studied previously.


Q. I missed my original enrolment appointment?

A. We are still enrolling between until 5pm on August 22nd, 23rd 24th (until 1pm) and 27th (more dates to be confirmed). Please ensure you bring everything we requested you bring along in your enrolment invitation & relevant documentation including £20.00 reprographics fee.


Q. Have you still got places on [your course of choice]?

A. Provided you have a minimum of three G.C.S.E.s at grades 3-9 (A*-D) including G.C.S.E. English or Mathematics at grade 3 or higher) come along to enrolment and find out what options are available to you.


Q. Can I still enrol if I don’t have my GCSE results?

A. Unfortunately we will not be able to consider you for enrolment if you do have either your result slips or certificates with you. We may accept e-mails of results from secondary schools if the e-mail has come from an official school account.


Q. Can I send someone to Enrol in my place if I am on holiday?

A. Unfortunately we are not able to hold spaces for prospective students nor are we able to allow anyone to enrol on your behalf. Please contact us on return from your holiday for more information on the courses available.


Q. I’m running late/stuck in traffic/missed my appointment time, can I still come in?

A. Dependent on time – Yes, come along now/tomorrow ensuring you have your invitation letter and all your documentation and £20.00 reprographics fee.


Q. I’ve already enrolled but want to change the course, what can I do?

A. I would suggest coming back to the college today/tomorrow (dependant on time of call and enrolment times) with the following items;

·         Your college ID card

·         The learner Agreement you were given when you enrolled

·         Your G.C.S.E. result slips

When you arrive at the college please explain that you have already enrolled onto a study programme but you wish to change courses, and we will advise you accordingly.


Q. When does term start (from prospective &/or current students)?

A. You must be available to start on Monday 2nd September.