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Following the Oxbridge Road with Naomi


Naomi is in her final year at Monoux College studying A-Level English Language, Law and Sociology. She sat with us and answered questions about courses, her motivations and what she is most looking forward to about starting university in September. 


What Universities have you applied to?

I've applied to Kings College, University College London, University of Law, Warwick University and Oxford University.


What are you hoping to study at university this September?

I want to study law. I think law is a major part of society, and society is continuously changing so law is too. I’ve always wanted to be th person that can help those who are unheard and be that voice for those that are muted in society. I feel like studying law would aid me to help people. I want to learn more about human rights, which is to protect people’s rights, and I know that not everyone knows their rights let alone knows how to go about protecting their rights if they are taken away from them. My aspiration is to be a Barrister. After year 10 at secondary school; doing debates and speaking arrangements, I’ve always had that passion to do law. Especially being a barrister you have to speak in court and I do like public speaking.


What made you want to apply to Oxford University?

Obbviously Oxford is a prestigious University. The chances of getting in is rare but I felt like giving myself a chance and go through the process and to at least know that I tried. I would aslo really like to go to Warwick University. 


What would you say to students hoping to pursue law at College or University?


I think having an interest for the subject is important, because law is quite essay based and there’s a lot of reading. Reading can be quite tiresome so you have to actually like studying law and looking at case laws which are quite interesting. Watching crime shows and documentaries, even watching a court case or going to see a case would be good too.