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Journey To Justice

We met for the first time in October as part of the Journey To Justice Enrichment programme. We discussed issues and social problems that we were all concerned about as a group and we met every Monday at 4:30pm. Initially, we found it quite difficult to decide on what we wanted to focus on but then we realised everyone in our group was concerned about the same issue - Homelessness.

So we began putting ideas together and discussing exactly how we were going to target that issue. After a lot of research, thought and discussion, we realised that the main cause of homelessness amongst women and children was domestic violence and abusive relationships.
We believed it would make more sense to target the cause of the problem rather than homelessness itself in order to prevent it from occurring. We did some more research on the topic of domestic abuse and found it to be a huge problem affecting large numbers of women and children.
With help from our teacher, Marion and our mentor, Martin, we really started to dig deeper into how to tackle the issue of domestic violence. Finally we had it, we thought that we could educate young boys and girls in relationships helping them to see what is healthy and what isn't and the dangers of an unhealthy relationship. We wanted to target the right age group and we knew that it would be too much of a sensitive topic for year 8s or under.

We came to the conclusion that it would be year 9s that we would target, as they are at that age when they are just approaching teenage years, starting relationships and are easily pressured.
We visited two schools, and included video clips, pictures and a quiz in our presentation. We also included lots of little questions in our presentation to keep them alert. We got a great reaction at our first school visit, every student participated and enjoyed the session which brought huge smiles to our faces.

It was a great experience for us. Not only did we become a close group of friends with similar concerns but we have also gained life-long skills. We learned to carry out research, identify common goals, work as a team, create publisher leaflets, and produce a quiz to suit learner's abilities, project our voices and speak publically. We feel very proud to have been part of Journey To Justice; it has been very worthwhile and rewarding.
Ozlem, Muksan, Sabeehah, Enitan, Faduma and Husna.
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