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  • From tomorrow (Thursday 7th January) we will like last time be running lessons according to a schedule of three one-hour lessons (so Period 1 = 9.30-10.30am, Period 2 = 10.45-11.45am, and Period 3 = 12.00-1.00pm). We know it can be challenging for you when you are sharing laptops and trying to find a quiet space to work, and we hope that this change to lesson times will help you. The Monoux app will update overnight to

  • Although lesson time is reduced, that the work set for you by your teachers will be the same in scope and depth as it would be at other times (so you should be working independently outside of lessons for at least 15 hours per week, and submitting that work on Teams to deadline. Pictures of handwritten work will be acceptable in most cases – just make sure the picture and your writing are clear!

  • Lessons are live so the teacher will be with you throughout and you will need to ‘arrive’ promptly at lessons and be prepared to participate through your mic and/or in chat. If you are having problems accessing lessons from home because of technology or lack of space, you must tell your teacher in advance so that they can make adaptations for you (or ask you to work from college where possible).

  • Registers will be taken as normal, and we will continue to treat unauthorised absence or lack of work to deadline as a serious disciplinary issue unless we have good reason not to do so


Ready to learn for lesson start-time

Environment is distraction-free as possible

Attention on the lesson at all times, be prepared to answer questions at any time throughout the lesson

Do behave politely and professionally (with appropriate dress and language)

Your key assessments and homework are completed to a good standard and on time

Exams and assessments

  • Following from Dave’s message last night, we had to decide very quickly what to do when the government announced yesterday evening that colleges could choose whether or not to run exams. This was a tough call, and I personally felt saddened as I have seen teachers and students working incredibly hard to get ready for these exams. However, with Waltham Forest Covid-rates remaining very high, we made the best decision we could for our students, many of whom have vulnerable family members.

  • We don’t yet know what exactly will replace normal exams and assessments, but we do know it will involve teachers assessing your work, rather than predicting grades as happened last time. This means you must keep working with us and keep in touch if there any problems.

  • Students who had been due to sit external exams in January will be doing an assessment on the same skills and knowledge they have been preparing for. We do not want to lose the opportunity to test you and give you feedback, and we want to reward those students who have been working hard - especially as this might help to evidence your end of year grade. You teachers will give you more detail about this in the coming days. You will not need to come to college to do these tests.

  • We have postponed formal AL1 PPEs until we are back in college. I know many students have been preparing diligently for these, and your teachers will be assessing you and taking account of your hard work throughout this period.

Support for study

  • The college continues to be open for students who need to use our space and resources. The LRC will be open every day between 9am-4pm. Currently we are not operating a booking system for this but may need to do so in future if spaces start to fill up.

  • You must continue to participate fully in your education – it is the best thing for your mental wellbeing and future prosperity. If you can’t access lessons at home, you must come into college. (And if that is difficult to do for any reason, you need to communicate about that with us).

  • There is currently no canteen service, so you will need to provide your own food if working on site.

  • Masks must be worn on site and strict social distancing will be maintained to keep students and staff safe.

  • By next Tuesday, you will receive a message from a member of staff who will be your Support Link during the online learning period. They will call you regularly to check on your well-being and engagement with lessons and assignments.

  • Keeping in touch. By next Tuesday, you will receive a message from a member of staff who will be your Support Link during the online learning period. They will call you regularly to check on your wellbeing and engagement with lessons and assignments.

  • The Library will be open from 9:00 to 4:00 Monday - Friday for students who do not have technology at home, a quiet place to study or who are vulnerable. In the Library, you will be able to access lessons online or complete work. There will be no canteen facilities, so you should bring your own food if needed. Masks must be worn and strict social distancing will be maintained to keep students and staff safe.

  • Each week, a cohort of students will be required to complete our Monoux Employability Passport. This will help you develop key employability skills and include a Zoom workshop with employers. With face to face work experience unlikely to happen this year, this will be a key addition to your CV and university applications.

  • Talent Lab will be online with a daily activity for you to engage with if you wish – this might be something fun, creative or the opportunity to try something new at home.

  • Attending lessons, keeping up to date with assignments, engaging with your Support Link, and completing the Monoux Employability Passport during this time will form a key part of your Monoux Graduation.

  • If you develop any Covid-19 symptoms, test positive for the virus or have someone in your household who develops symptoms, you should let the college know by emailing

  • Free School Meals and Bursary payments will be made as soon as possible. Please check your emails for updates on this. We have a very small number of laptops available to loan for bursary students only – and you can contact to apply for one.

  • The college is also open from 9:00 – 4:00 Monday - Friday for students who might be distressed, or need somewhere safe to be. If you feel unsafe, or at risk of harm, remember to tell any member of staff such as your teacher, Support Link or Personal Mentor – they will know what to do. Outside college hours, you will need to contact external support agencies and always call 999 in an emergency.

  • We will be in urgent contact with the small number final year students who have not yet completed their UCAS application.
Holly Bembridge, Vice Principal - Curriculum

Parents Evening

4:45 - 8:00pm Tuesday 8th December

Classroom Dress Code

Ventilation to provide fresh air in enclosed spaces is just as important as the other actions taken to reduce the spread of Covid. Therefore, we are keeping windows in classrooms open and turning the heating up. The rule of no coats in class remains, so please make sure that your young person is coming to college in appropriate clothing, e.g. jumpers or sweaters so that they can stay warm and comfortable.

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