Students at Monoux College are able to access excellent sporting and fitness facilities which include:

On Site:

  • Sports Hall:
    Contains markings for Badminton, Basketball, Indoor Cricket, Netball, 5-a-side Football and is used for a range of other sport, fitness and other activities. The hall also contains fixed white boards, divider netting and four additional basketball hoops for training
  • Gym:
    The Gym at Monoux College is an outstanding fitness facility with a large range of equipment ranging from cardiovascular and resistance machines to free weights and specialist weightlifting equipment
  • Outdoor Gym:
    Includes a range of fitness machines in an outdoor environment
  • Cricket Nets and Non-Turf Cricket Pitch:
    Two Outdoor Professional Standard Lanes & Non-Turf Pitch for Training and Matches
  • Football Pitch:
    Full sized Football Pitch with moveable goals

Off site:

  • Access to Peter May Sports Centre:
    Six Lane High standard Indoor Cricket Training facility & Outdoor Cricket Pitches
  • Access to Local Cricket Clubs for Outdoor Matches
  • Access to the Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre:
    • Basketball Court
    • Netball Court
    • Swimming Pool
    • Extreme Zone
    • Clip & Climb Area
    • Athletics Track
The college is equipped with outdoor cricket facilities The college is equipped with table tennis equipment The college is equipped with a multipurpose indoor sports court