English Language A-Level

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Course Details
On this course you will gain a detailed insight into human behaviour through the use of language in society and across time. You will develop your ability to analyse evidence and draw conclusions about language. You will see a wide range of interactive resources including online lectures.English Language is one of the last remaining A Level courses to include a creative writing component. On this course you will have opportunities to take part in trips and participate in talks from speakers and visiting lecturers from leading universities

How is this course assessed?
The course is assessed through 80% exams and 20% coursework.

Which other courses does this combine well with?
Politics, Law, History, Sociology.

What is the Qualification?
Qualification – A Level English Language
Level – A Level

What are the entry requirements?
5 GCSEs at 5 and above. Higher entry requirements are required for those wishing to study 4 A Levels.

You will need English Language at Grade 5 or above.

What are the modules and units?
– Textual Variations and Representations
– Children’s Language Development
– Language and Diversity Change
– Language Discourses
– Writing Skills
– Language Investigation
– Original Writing

What about careers?
You could progress to a career in Social Enterprise, Marketing, Public Research, Teaching, Law, Journalism and many others.