English Literature A Level

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Course Details
English Literature suits students with a love of reading and writing, and who enjoy analytical discussion about challenging, contemporary topics such as race, cultural difference and sexuality.
It will prepare students for a career in academia, politics, journalism, advertising or law. You will look at different texts from across the canon of English literature and beyond. Most lessons will involve debate, discussion, offering and challenging interpretations as well as close linguistic analysis of language and form and how they shape meaning.

How is this course assessed?
The course is assessed through 80% exams and 20% coursework.

Which other courses does this combine well with?
Politics, Law, History, Sociology.

What is the Qualification?
Qualification: A Level English Literature
Level: A Level

What are the entry requirements?
5 GCSEs at 5 and above. Higher entry requirements are required for those wishing to study 4 A Levels.
You will need English Language or English Literature at Grade 5 or above.

What are the modules and units?
Love through the ages, Texts in shared contexts, Texts across time

What about careers?
A Level English Literature can lead to careers in Social Enterprise, Marketing, Public Research, Teaching, Law, Journalism, and many others.