Philosophy A-Level

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Do you ask yourself questions like – how did the universe begin? Is there a God? How do I know anything? Is this or am I real? How do people agree on what is beautiful or right? What is the right way to live my life and make difficult decisions? Philosophy takes you through the best answers that human beings have come up with to these profound questions and
we explore the roles of logic, intuition and experience in how we come up with answers. If you have a logical mind, like to argue based on reason and not just passion and cannot stop asking questions like ‘why’ and ‘how’ then Philosophy A level is for you.

How is this course assessed?
Two 3 hour written exams at the end of the course.

Which other courses does this combine well with?
Sociology, Politics, History, English Literature, English Language, Physics, and Maths.

What is the Qualification?
Qualification – A Level Philosophy
Level – A Level

What are the entry requirements?
5 GCSEs at 5 and above.
You will need English at 5 and another essay based subject at 5.

What are the modules and units?
– Epistemology
– Moral philosophy
– Metaphysics of God
– Metaphysics of Mind

What about careers?
Philosophy is an adaptable course that can lead to a very broad range of employment opportunities. It is also considered to be the most complex, challenging and interesting of all academic subjects and therefore highly impresses future employees. Philosophy students can go onto work in a fields as diverse as Government and Politics, Advertising, Creative Industries, Urban Planning, Accounting/Auditing, and many more.